New York easily went to Hillary Clinton on Election Day, but one part of the city was elated by the final presidential election results in favor of Donald Trump. NY1's Amanda Farinacci has that story.

In a city that overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton, Staten Island threw its support behind Donald Trump.

"He's a true American, he loves this country," one woman said at a Trump Election Night party in the neighborhood of New Dorp.

"I think this is a message from the American people — the taxpayers of the United States saying enough is enough," said Staten Island State Assembly member Nicole Malliotakis.

Staten Island has long-loved Trump. Trump won the borough in the Republican primary with 82 percent of the vote, the most of any county in the state.

There are more registered Democrats on the Island, but voters are more likely to vote off their party line than anyplace else in the city.

"Everybody was looking for the outsider; that's why Bernie Sanders came into play. That's why Donald Trump came into play," artist Scott LoBaido said.

"All of us — liberals, Republicans, Democrats, conservatives — we were tired of the establishment," LoBaido continued. "I mean, it's not a secret. And we wanted outsiders. And here we go: we got an outsider."

Island GOP party leaders gathered Tuesday night to celebrate the re-election bid of Congressman Dan Donovan, and erupted as they saw Trump win key battleground states.

Donovan — who endorsed Trump, even as many in his party dropped their support — says Trump now has to focus on uniting the country.

"I think there's gonna be disappointment in some communities. I think there's gonna be anger," Donovan said. "And it's going to be up to Mr. Trump, as the president and leader of the free world, to heal those wounds to bring people together."