Some Uber drivers went on a strike outside of Uber’s headquarters in Manhattan Thursday — the second time in less than a month.

Saibou Sidibe says inflation is killing his bottom line. The drivers chanted “raise now.”

“We are asking Uber to do the right thing for drivers because since covid everything went up,” Sidibe of the Taxi Workers Alliance said.

What You Need To Know

  • Some Uber workers went on strike Thursday

  • The TLC was going to give them a raise, but Uber filed a lawsuit putting a block on the pay raise

  • Uber says raising wages would cost the company $23 million a month and make fares more expensive

The Taxi and Limousine Commission was set to give ride share and taxi drivers a raise last month — their first raise in a decade.

But Uber filed a lawsuit against the TLC and a judge put a temporary block on the wage increase for the app based drivers.

The salary bumps were supposed to take effect on Dec 19.

“It’s destroying our lives, it’s destroying our industry,” Muhammad Mdizul Haque said.

Haque has worked with Uber for five years. He says the current pay rate barely covers the rising cost of living and the upkeep of his vehicle.

“We run this city 24/7, it’s not eight hour work anymore,” Haque said. “We are essential workers since the pandemic started we never stopped working.”

Haque was one of the first people at the rally Thursday.

“We are upset. We are shocked by Ubers’ action because it was a long fought opportunity for us a raise. We deserve it,” Haque said.

Uber says the raise would cost the company up to $23 million per year, and make rides more expensive for customers.

In a statement Uber said, “Every time the taxi association calls for a strike, drivers demonstrate they’re more interested in delivering for New Yorkers than social media discourse. We expect this time will be no different.”

Uber said passengers have not had a problem getting rides during this day-long strike and didn’t during the last one.

There is a hearing on Uber’s lawsuit against the city’s ordered pay hike.

Frida oral arguments are scheduled for the end of the month.