Dick Rivington and Tommy the Cat are two newcomers to the Lower East Side who are about to begin the musical adventure of a lifetime.

It’s all part of a rollicking two-hour show at the Lower East Side’s Abrons Arts Center called Dick Rivington and the Cat.

It’s a family-friendly show that is done in the traditional British theater style called Panto.

What You Need To Know

  • "Dick Rivington & the Cat" is a musical comedy at the Abrons Arts Center on the Lower East Side

  • The family-friendly show is performed in the traditional British Panto style

  • It is staged in the historic playhouse at Abrons, located on Grand Street

  • Abrons is part of Henry Street Settlement, the social services agency that has been around for more than 130 years on the Lower East Side

Julie Atlas Muz, who is known in the city’s Neo-Burlesque scene, directs and produces the romp written by her husband, Mat Fraser.

“There’s laughs, there’s audience participation, there’s shouting back and forth, it’s just a good time,” said Muz.

Staged in the historic playhouse at Abrons, which is part of the over 130-year-old social services agency Henry Street Settlement, it is truly a New York show that features lovable characters.

However, there’s also some not so lovable characters, such as the King Rat who’s intent on taking over the city.

There’s plenty of cheesy fun humor too, along with music and dancing.

It’s a collaboration between Muz and Fraser with their company ONEOFUS and Abrons, which hosts live performances and arts education throughout the year.

“We’ve always been really interested in using theater as a way to create social commentary, to involve community members, to poke fun at society as a means to start a conversation around current events,” said Ali Rosa-Salas, vice president of visual and performing arts at Abrons and Henry Street.

In the case of Dick Rivington, the show is paying tribute to the community that Abrons has served for years.

“This is all about celebrating our neighborhood, the resilience, the beauty and the support that we give each other. That’s what this show is all about, celebrating the Lower East Side and all of New York,” said Muz.

The show runs through Sunday, Dec. 18.

For tickets, visit here.