If you are making a doghouse for a hot dog named Catch-Up, it might as well look like a hot dog cart.

That’s what School of Visual Arts’ Design Major Jennifer Santos was thinking for her 3D design class project, which ended up being displayed inside a glass case on bustling Madison Avenue.

“Making this helps be get out of the computer and be more creative,” said Santos, a New Jersey native, who included a mock New York City pigeon as part of her installation.

What You Need To Know

  • Barkitecture is a holiday art installation on Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side

  • The School of Visual Arts’ 3D design students created unique doghouses located on Madison Avenue between 61st and 77th Streets

  • The doghouses are inside glass cases along the avenue

  • The installations are a partnership between SVA and the Madison Avenue Business Improvement District

The doghouse is one of 14 located in glass cases on Madison Avenue between 61st and 77th Streets as part of Barkitecture, a new series of holiday installations.

It’s a partnership between SVA and the Madison Avenue Business Improvement District.

It was an assignment from Kevin O’Callaghan, artist, designer and 3D design chair of the school.

He said he loves the idea of people being out and about and just running into some art.

“Rather than having to go to a gallery or go to an exhibition, the idea that they turn the corner and there’s a piece of art and can maybe bring a little happiness to them, or get them thinking,” said O’Callaghan.

The doghouses are made from many materials and objects, such as tennis balls and mops.

O’Callaghan gave students a photo of a dog and template for a standard doghouse to inspire them.

Marina Zeballos named her dog Jumper and designed a doghouse that resembles a bouncy castle.

“I used pool floats, and we stuffed them with pillow stuffing, and it looks like it’s inflated, I hope,” said Zeballos.

This is the sixth collaboration between SVA and the Madison Avenue BID, but it’s the first for this festive time of year.

“What’s the holiday season about more than joy and these pieces really create that,” said Matthew Bauer, president of the Madison Avenue BID.

The project also creates a great opportunity for the students, with their work on display in a busy shopping district.

Mona Monahan is from Long Island and is well aware of the tradition of Madison Avenue for fashion and window shopping.

“I loved watching “Mad Men.” It inspired me to go to art school in the city, so actually having a window on Madison Avenue it’s legendary, it’s amazing to be here,” said Monahan.

Barkitecture will be on display through January.

It will be part of the celebration as SVA celebrates 75 years of teaching aspiring designers, just like the creators of the unique pet projects.