BROOKLYN, N.Y. - The MTA is planning to fold the two "Willamsburg Link" buses into one route because of low ridership.

The buses were launched when the L train shutdown started in April, but they haven't been drawing the riders the MTA expected.

Starting Saturday, the B91 and B92 routes will be combined into one route known as B91A.

The "Williamsburg Link" buses provide free rides between the Bedford Avenue and Lorimer Street L stations and the J and M lines at night and on weekends.

But the buses have only been picking up two or three riders per trip.

The B91A will not stop at Lorimer Street.

Instead, it will run between the Bedford Avenue L stop and the Marcy Avenue station on the J and M lines.

It will also make two new stops along Grand Street - one at Driggs Avenue and one at Roebling Street.

The B91A will run every eight minutes during the busiest times.