NEW YORK - Surviving and thriving against all odds, Pearl River Mart opened a new store Thursday inside Chelsea Market.

The Chinese-American department store first opened 46 years ago but nearly went out of business in 2016.

Rising rents forced the closure of its old SoHo location.

The owners tell NY1 they are excited for a new start in Chelsea.

"The feeling that you get when you're in Chelsea Market, I think is the feeling that you get when you come into Pearl River. You come in and it's loud, it's exciting, things smell good and you want to buy everything and eat everything. And that's pretty much what it is at Pearl River too. It's a really positive space that brings communities together. Their ethos is actually building community through food and ours is pretty much building community through culture," said Pearl River Mart President Joanne Kwong. 

Pearl River Mart sells a little bit of everything, from kitchenware to clothes.

The new store will feature collections from Asian-American designers.