A snuggly pair of pj's and a good book are key to a good night sleep and one non-profit is making sure children in city shelters get just that.

The Pajama Program provides new pjs and a bedtime book for needy children all across the country.

Since it began 15 years ago, organizers have given out more than four million pairs of pajamas and books.

However, they say it's very important for people to donate between October and March which is considered the dangerously cold season.

"It's really cold and temperatures are beginning to drop, and aside from the warmth and comfort that we give these children, they need to really actually go to sleep feeling warm. They need to not be shivering at night and a lot of them they're in these places that are unfamiliar to them. It makes them feel secure and stable at bedtime," said Pajama Program Development Director Daniel Leventhal. 

For more info and to donate head to pajamaprogram.org.