Some residents in Chelsea are back in their homes after falling bricks from an unstable building forced them out, but they still don't have gas.

A popular Puerto Rican restaurant on the ground floor says it wont be able to open for another two weeks. 

The owners of La Taza de Oro say the Fire Department won't turn on their gas until inspectors complete an evaluation.

Con Edison says there may be some internal wiring and piping issues that have nothing to do with the falling bricks.

The owner says this is the first time in 17 years the restaurant has been closed.

"People have been coming and they are so sad that it is closed, but we hope it can be done. We are estimating about a week to two weeks," says La Taza de Oro owner Maria Elizabeth Montalvo. "There is no doubt that this is a safety precaution. We totally understand it. We submitted ourselves to the process. We just hope we can get this going as soon as possible."

Fire officials received a call about bricks falling from the building's facade Friday afternoon.

The building was evacuated, but residents were let back in around 4 p.m. in the morning Saturday.