An artist known for creating some iconic album covers is paying tribute to the brand logos that inspired him as a designer. His work is being shown in a new exhibition in Chelsea called "Trusted Brands." NY1's Roger Clark filed this report. 

If you take a stroll through the new exhibition by Cey Adams, you will see some familiar images associated with brands he and many of us knew growing up. 

"I've always been a fan of logos and pop art and that's really all this is. It's an homage to pop art," Adams says.

It's called "Trusted Brands," at the Rush Arts Gallery in Chelsea. Adams used handmade fiber paper and old books and magazines to create these collages. It's a change of pace for Adams, a graffiti artist who went on to create iconic album covers and group logos as creative director at Def Jam Recordings, working over the years with LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Jay-Z and the Beastie Boys—to name a few.  

"We were just kids and we were trying to make our mark and be creative and you know, who knew that 30 some-odd years later that we would all be icons," Adams says.

Adams created most of this work during an arts residency in Omaha, Nebraska, but don't think you won't find some tributes to his beloved hometown. 

"I can't help it I'm a New Yorker so if I find a little way to incorporate  you know, the Mets, or the Knicks or the Yankees I'm going to do it," Adams says. 

The gallery is familar territory for Adams. It's one of two run by the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation. The organization was started by Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons with brothers Danny and Joseph, also known as Rev Run from Run DMC. They are celebrating 20 years helping new artists and exposing young people to art.

"Cey Adams, he's been with us from the very beginning—aways a supporter and advocate for artists, emerging artists, young people and just a positive influence," says Charlotte Mouquin of Rush Galleries. 

So Adams hopes vistors to the gallery will enjoy a walk down memory lane and maybe find out something new too. 

"If young people come in and they learn something new about graphic design, and they learn something new about graphic design, or pop culture, or graffiti, or even hip hop, then you know it's all good," says Adams. 

Trusted Brands will be on display through March 28. The gallery is located at 526 West 26th Street and the hours are Wednesday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, just head to