Jared Howard grew up eating a lot of crab, shrimp, fried chicken and biscuits growing up.

This is a combination of his Maryland upbringing and roots in North Carolina and Western Pennsylvania. So it’s no surprise that his food business called HoneyBunny Chicken n' Biscuits features the flavors of the Chesapeake Bay, Appalachia and the American South.

What You Need To Know

  • Good to Go by James Beard Foundation, also known as JBF, is a six-month retail incubator for fast casual food concepts at Pier 57 in Manhattan

  • It is located inside the Market 57 Food Hall

  • The program is from the JBF, which celebrates and supports the people behind America's food culture

  • The inaugural residency is Chef Hared Howard and his HoneyBunny Chicken n’ Biscuits

“This is feel good food, this is the food that you know we would have at family reunions, when we went to the beach, Ocean City, Maryland,” said Howard, who is working with his team out of Good to Go by JBF, an incubator for small food businesses.

It’s located at the newly opened Market 57 food hall at Pier 57 in Hudson River Park.

Howard was the first person chosen for the program from the James Beard Foundation, which supports the people behind America’s food culture.

The kiosk will feature a new fast casual food concept here every six months.

“Working with them to really flesh out their concept, look at their marketing, their branding, menu pricing, the P&L, what’s working, and what’s not,” said Kris Moon, president and COO of the James Beard Foundation.

The goal is at the end of the six months, folks like Howard, who are primed to open their own business somewhere, feel ready to do it.

Chef Jared’s concept is co-presented by Pepsi Dig In, an initiative to drive access, business growth, and awareness to Black-owned restaurants and chefs.

For Howard, being here at the pier, which also features a unique rooftop park, alongside other food businesses, is an amazing opportunity.

“We want to offer this food to as many people as possible, I can see it possibly being a brick-and-mortar here in New York City, or maybe additional kiosks throughout the city, sporting events, there are plenty of food halls and markets that I think this concept will be great at,” said Howard.

The chef says hopefully with a little hard work and some tweaking of the menu, he can find the right partners for the future.

Howard also added that he certainly has a great partner now with the James Beard Foundation.