In the video for Taylor Swift’s 2022 hit "Bejeweled," fans not only connect with the song, but with the outfits worn by the singer and songwriter.

Some outfits worn by Swift can be found inside an exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design in Columbus Circle, called "Taylor Swift: Storyteller."

“They just feel so deeply connected to her as a person and as a musician, that the clothing itself seems to have the aura of Taylor Swift,” Tim Rodgers, museum director, said.

What You Need To Know

  • "Taylor Swift: Storyteller" is a new exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design in Manhattan

  • It features costumes, jewelry and props from Swift's videos and on-stage performances

  • The museum put the exhibition together with Swift's management team in just two months

  • The exhibition runs through Sept. 4

The exhibition features Swift costumes and jewelry from top designers, musical instruments like guitars, a lute and a piano, and props that “Swifties” will surely recognize.

Swift’s management team reached out to the museum just two months ago to ask about putting the exhibition there.

“They sent us an email — it didn’t come to me, it came to one of my staff members — and we thought to be quite honest, we thought it was a fake,” said Rodgers, who says that after a little research realized it was indeed Swift’s team reaching out.

“Most of our exhibitions take about two or three years to plan, or create, eventually install, so this all happened in two months, and so for us this was like a whirlwind,” he added.

But they made it work. There’s even a mural-sized version of an early draft of Swift’s song “All Too Well” on a wall.

Rodgers says the museum has a long tradition of looking at costumes and fashion as part of the design world, so this all fits in perfectly.

“Each one of these layers is really working with the basic concepts of art and design, in order to create a bigger broader experience,” he said. 

"Taylor Swift: Storyteller" runs through Sept. 4, with timed entry tickets to accommodate the expected crowds.