Yana Miroshnychenko is approaching one year since coming to New York City after fleeing the war in Ukraine.

She said she’s thankful for everyday she spends with her kids — healthy and taking pictures in Central Park.

“I know it is impossible to come back to my country now with two little children,” Miroshnychenko said.

What You Need To Know

  • Yana Miroshnychenko and her family have been in New York City for one year since they fled the war in Ukraine

  • NY1 last spoke to her when her son, Markiian, went to a summer hockey camp, which sponsored by a nonprofit organization

  • Miroshnychenko is currently looking for a job

  • She said getting an apartment in the city has been challenging

NY1 last spoke to her just after she gave birth to her son Severyn, who is now 9 months old. When she fled Ukraine she was six months pregnant. Her other son, Markiian, is 5 years old. He is off from school this week for winter break.

“I love school,” Markiian Miroshnychenko said.

When NY1 first interviewed them, Markiian was at a hockey camp. A nonprofit organization that helps refugee children sponsored his visit.

Miroshnychenko’s husband is not in the city. He is helping with the war effort in Ukraine. She wants her family to be back together.

“It’s so hard for me but I will try to be brave for my children,” Miroshnychenko said in July.

Throughout her time in the city, she said it has not been easy finding a place to live. They stayed with her friend in Brooklyn, then an apartment in Harlem lent to them and now in an Airbnb.

“It is really terribly difficult to live here,” Miroshnychenko said.

She just received her work authorization and said she has transferable skills — making her highly employable. Miroshnychenko was a journalist and public relations professional in Ukraine for 15 years.

As she tries to put together a life here for her children, a big part of her heart is back home with her husband in Ukraine.

“I really want to come back to my country,” Miroshnychenko said.