One of the hottest fitness trends has been spinning, and now a Chelsea fitness studio is opening its indoor cycling classes to youngsters. NY1’s Roger Clark puts his spin on it, in this Fit Kids February report.

The music pumps. So do the legs. These young cyclists are a long way from their warm weather home at the Kissena Veledrome in Queens. But the workout is just as challenging. 

"It's a close as you can get to outdoor cycling,” said Parker Chea of Star Track Cycling.

''It's great training because I have a feeling that Christine will push us harder than maybe our competitors will,” said Peye Wong of Star Track Cycling.

Christine is Christine D'Ercole, a champion cyclist and head coach at Peloton Studio in Chelsea. Peloton sells bikes with a  21-inch video screen that can be connected to the Internet, so folks just about anywhere can take classes like this one, by following along in their homes.

Indoor cycling studio pioneer Marion Roaman is a co-founder.  

"We have 60 bikes in the studio and every class that we teach here is live-streamed to those bikes that we sell to people's homes,” said Roaman.

Once a week Peloton sets aside bikes in Christine's class for the kids from Star Track, an organization encouraging children to get into track cycling. The winter training is key since a number of them are headed to the junior nationals out west this summer.   

"Peloton is a wonderful training partner for us and allows the kids to train when there is ice, snow and it's too cold,” said Peter Taylor, executive director of Star Track Cycling.

I confess to never taking a class for this, so Christine pushed me along.

Christine: Do you feel that?

Roger: Yeah, I feel it.

But that's the whole point. Peloton has free 30-minute afterschool sessions twice a week so kids and their parents can give this a try too.  

"So many kids are sitting in their rooms, on a computer, on the game thing, in front of the TV, we've got to get them engaged, face to face. Playing. They've got to play,” said D'Ercole.

You won't get an argument from Star Track team member Billy Taylor.

"I just like cycling better because you can push yourself,” said Taylor.

To find out more about how kids and parents can take a class here at Peloton, go to

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