Eli Yurman is looking forward to going back to New York University.

“I miss seeing people," Yurman said. "I mean, I miss all of the things everyone misses."

On Tuesday, students received notice the university planned to resume classes in the city and at other global sites in the fall, subject to government health directives.

Classes may be spread over two or three semesters without additional tuition costs.

“For me specifically, I’m taking a lot of acting classes, which are just impossible to translate to the virtual screen,” said Yurman.

But the fall will look a lot different. The university plans to make masks available and mandatory for everyone.

All classes, activities, and events must comply with social distancing, while density in student housing will be reduced. 

Some courses will incorporate both remote and in-person learning. NYU also plans to conduct virus and antibody testing as well as contact tracing.

“I think this was a good first step, but I’m cautious to see how it actually works logistically,” said student Matthew Fischetti. 

Some other local schools, including Columbia and the City University of New York (CUNY), have not yet announced a decision about the fall. Fordham University is planning to resume activities, pending government guidance.

A new NYU program called “Go Local” will also allow some international students to study at NYU global sites closer to home. Aisha Omidiya is from Canada, and eager to get back to the city -- but she’s unsure if she would take any in-person classes.  

“I have a sister who is asthmatic and I have a parent, so I wouldn’t want to go catch corona[virus] and come back, that would be a problem,” said Omidiya.

NYU plans to share more information in the coming weeks and months.

It is reminding students that the in-person plan is also subject to change.