Gov. Kathy Hochul denied allegations that she retaliated against ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo accuser Brittany Commisso after the former executive assistant said Cuomo sexually assaulted her.

Commisso is suing Cuomo for sexual assault, according to a summons filed on Nov. 22 under the Adult Survivors Act. Hochul is also named in the filing for allegedly assigning Commisso to a “demeaning” task of answering phones.

“Sexual assault is unacceptable, always will be. With respect to the filing related to the former governor and the accusations against him, I simply have to say, the single reference to us is inaccurate,” she said Thursday during an unrelated event in Lower Manhattan.

“Because as lieutenant governor, I had no control over where individual workers in the chamber were placed,” said Hochul, when asked about the claims. 

“That was a decision made by other individuals. So we do not have control over that,” Hochul added.

Commisso claims she suffered from retaliation after reported unwanted touching by the former governor, including that “the Lieutenant Governor demoted her from the position of Executive Assistant to the Governor, removed her from the Executive Chamber front office, and assigned her to the demeaning task of answering telephones in the Lieutenant Governor's office until moved to other offices.”

Cuomo has denied the claims.

The summons names the State of New York and Judith Mogul, former special counsel under Cuomo.

Commisso was one of the 11 women included in state Attorney General Letitia James’ sexual harassment report, which concluded Cuomo violated multiple laws.

She previously filed a criminal complaint against Cuomo for groping her while she was his executive assistant, but that case was dropped by Albany County District Attorney David Soares.

“While we found the complainant in this case cooperative and credible, after review of all the available evidence we have concluded that we cannot meet our burden at trial,” Soares said in a statement in Jan. 2022.

Meanwhile, the governor reiterated Thursday that she supports the Adult Survivors Act.

“I'm proud I signed the Adult Survivors Act into law,” she said. “Because for too long, women who have suffered in silence, whether it was a couple of years, a couple of months or decades, can now come forward and talk about what happened to them.”

“This is how we start purging our society from unwanted advances and assaults and degradation of women, particularly in the workplace,” she added.

Hochul also denied having any contact with Commisso or her attorney, Brian Premo.

Neither Commisso nor Premo responded to an immediate request for comment by NY1.