The first major deadline for some migrants, who were given a 60-day notice to leave the shelter system, in the city is this weekend.

“They gave me the order to leave Oct. 3,” said Jorge Espitia in Spanish.

He is an asylum seeker currently living at the Jefferson Shelter in Bushwick.

Espitia is one of approximately 13,000 asylum seeker adults who received notices that they would have to find housing outside of the shelter system after 60 days.

After two months, he says he still hasn’t found a place.

“First, they ask for proof of employment. Secondly, they ask that you have your documents. I’m waiting for my social and work permit. If you don’t have those papers, you’re going to sleep on the street,” Espitia said.

An average of 300 to 500 migrants continues to arrive every day, according to officials.

On Friday, the city has cut down the amount of time the shelter system to 30 days instead of 60 days.

“The city tells us that they’re rolling out a comprehensive case management plan and they’re going to meet with each person and see what they need and help them get it. And hopefully that will set people on the path for having independence,” said Josh Goldfein, staff attorney with the Legal Aid Society.

While advocates have spoken out against policies limiting the time, some are hopeful with recent developments.

“Recently, the governor’s proposal to the federal government was granted that the federal government is going to give us work authorization and also temporary protected status for many of the people who are here,” Goldfein said. “So with those tools and the governor’s plan, people should be able to find work and then be able to move out.”

For Espitia, who is Venezuelan, he is hopeful.

He has applied for asylum and plans to apply for Temporary Protection Status.