BROOKLYN, N.Y. - Michael Walsh and his wife got absentee ballots mailed to their Sunset Park home so they could avoid the polls during a pandemic. 

But inside, the return envelope had the wrong names and addresses. 

"It's not good, it's not good. It's definitely a major screw-up," Walsh said.

Walsh's ballot belonged to a neighbor who lived a few doors down from their Sunset Park home. His wife's ballot beared the name and address of a man who lived a block away.

Walsh and his wife were not alone, and other Brooklyn residents posted to social media about their own ballot problems.

"I reached out to NY1 because I wanted people to know, I wanted people to hear about this," Walsh said. "But obviously, it wasn't just us. It was other people."

It is unclear how many voters got a wrong ballot.

Voters are also supposed to sign the envelope containing their completed ballot that had Walsh concerned about the integrity of the vote.

"If we didn't notice this, this could have resulted in someone voting twice seemingly, even though it was us voting, and then maybe they voted in person," he said.

Thuan Lu, a Brooklyn voter in Williamsburg, also got the wrong ballot. He requested a new ballot, but plans to vote in person if it doesn't show up in time.

"I think that everyone should just be really careful and double check everything, because that's what I did, and I don't think it is a good start but we gotta make sure we vote.

A spokeswoman for the New York City Board of Elections said the problem is affecting Brooklyn voters and blamed the error on its contractor, a Rochester company called Phoenix Graphics.​