A New York City woman critically injured during a mass shooting abroad a Brooklyn N train last month has sued Glock Inc., the company that manufactures and sells the 9mm handgun the alleged gunman used to carry out the attack.

Ilene Steur, 49, was among the 29 people injured during the rush-hour rampage in April. Steur suffered a severe gunshot wound during the attack.

The lawsuit, filled in Brooklyn Federal Court Tuesday, alleges the gun manufacturer markets its weapons irresponsibly, emphasizing the weapon’s high capacity and ease of concealment, characteristics “that appeal to prospective purchasers with criminal intent.”

Police say the gunman wielded a Glock-17 9mm handgun during the attack, and opened fire at least 33 times before fleeing the scene.

Among other things, the lawsuit alleges the gun company purposely supplies more firearms than the market can manage in order to induce sales in the secondary market, while also “not training dealers to avoid straw sales and other illegal transactions.”

The lawsuit comes after New York lawmakers announced on Tuesday they intend to pass a sweeping gun control package following a pair of mass shootings that have rocked the nation.