Brooklyn residents are working to end violence through a new initiative.

Members of "Occupy the Corner" are going to areas that are experiencing violence and flooding them with a large community presence.

The group also distributes literature on social services and other available resources.

Organizers say residents need to be part of the solution along with the police.

“We make sure that the people serving the community are the same faces of the community, right. It's a little more digestible to see someone else in your community or your neighbor handing you out these resources,” said Chidi Duke, an organizer.

“We’re also out here to speak with the community, connect with the community and let the community know we're here in conversation with them, engage with them and ask them what resources they need,” said Kwinton Tomlinson, another organizer.

Organizers say they also need community help with financing.

They say they've lost 90 percent of their discretionary funding so far this year.

If you'd like to make a donation or volunteer, you can log on to