The NYPD released police body-camera footage Tuesday of an incident where a police officer pulled down a protester’s face mask and pepper sprayed him in the face.

This is comes on the heels of Mayor de Blasio saying the city will begin releasing police body-camera footage within 30 days of any serious incident. 

Previously only disclosed at the discretion of the commissioner, as our Gloria Pazmino reported, the city says footage should now be released faster in instances where there might be alleged misconduct.

After the Internal Affairs Bureau concluded its investigation of the incident, that officer was suspended without pay.

The police encounter took place on May 30 in Brooklyn during protests following the death of George Floyd, a black man from Minneapolis, who died while in police custody. 

The body camera footage came from two responding police officers associated with the incident, though protesters nearby also captured the moment on camera. The incident went viral shortly thereafter, and was widely derided by the public.

Police Commissioner Shea said there are other matters the department is actively investigating and will continue to be transparent as the process continues.