BROOKLYN, N.Y. - A peaceful display of unity took place Monday outside of the 88th precinct station house in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn. 

Police offers joining with community leaders and a diverse group of residents in taking a knee in solidarity with protests over the death of George Floyd.

"It touches my heart, we need that in this world today cause it is craziness. I have been in Brooklyn all my life and I have never seen anything like this," said one observer.

In the same spot on Friday, after a day of mostly peaceful demonstrations protests grew violent, police cars were vandalized - one set on fire outside of the stationhouse.

A group of demonstrators reportedly attempted to rush the doors of the building, making Monday's show of unity all the more meaningful for those at the gathering. 

"We lose the message when violence is in the mix," said Eric Garnes, Chairman of Brooklyn East Chapter of the National Action Network.

This is not the first time Assistant Chief Jeffrey Maddrey, the Commanding Officer of Brooklyn North, has shown solidarity with protestors. 

Sunday night Maddrey and another chief knelt with demonstrators outside of Barclays Center.

"Probably one of the most powerful moments I have ever witnessed on this job, the people who supported me and Chief Delatore stood around us and pushed people back and said you are not hurting these officers and at that moment right there, I already knew this but it just solidified in my mine that love is greater than hate," Maddrey said.

Community leaders denounced violence of any kind and called out anyone inciting violence and damaging property.

They said those who do so are not from their community and are not welcomed to be a part of this movement.