Dr. Roy Hastick was a powerful force in the Brooklyn business community.

He was a tireless advocate for entrepreneurship and a staunch supporter of minority owned businesses, but most of all he was a mentor.

“He would get people together. That's what I liked about Dr. Hastik. If I had an issue, whether it was personal or business, Dr. Hastik always found a way to pick up the phone and call someone and help that person go through and navigate that obstacle,” said Rodneyse Bichotte, Brooklyn Assemblywoman.

Hastick was a pioneer in the Brooklyn Business community. In 1985, he founded the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry as an incubator to help startups and small businesses. It's a mission the 69-year-old worked on until the end.  Hastick died after being hospitalized with complications from coronavirus.

“He was very personable. He was very loving and I don't know if we're going to find anyone like him ever. At least in my lifetime,” said Bichotte.

Hastick was a mover and shaker. He knew how to connect people with government and vice versa, helping countless minority businesses to thrive in and outside the Borough.

“He was able to bring all sorts of businesses especially across Flatbush of all Caribbean nations to talk about how we can collaborate with each other and build our businesses. Whether it was storefronts, whether it's restaurants, whether it's accountants, whether it's construction,” said Bichotte.

After his death, dozens of people took to social media to share their condolences.  Among them was Brooklyn Borough President Erik Adams, who named Hastick the Brooklyn Ambassador.

"It is with profound sadness and a huge sense of loss that we, and all of Brooklyn, mourn the passing of Roy Hastick Sr.,” said Adams in a Tweet.

The city's small business services commissioner called him an advocate, community leader, mentor and friend who adamantly fought to better our City. Hastick had received many awards over his lifetime, but many are hoping a permanent tribute will be placed in Brooklyn to honor the legacy he left behind.