BROOKLYN, N.Y. - A street in Brooklyn has become a destination for tourists seeking the perfect city photo for their Instagram page, but residents of the block say they're fed up.

Standing on Washington Street in DUMBO provides a unique view of the Manhattan Bridge, and even frames the Empire State Building.

But the unique view draws big crowds to the street who block traffic, climb on people's front stoops, and otherwise disrupt life for residents.

"I live on this street and I'd probably say it's the most annoying thing about the neighborhood. I love the neighborhood otherwise, but it doesn't really have that neighborhood feel when you walk out your door and you have people from all over the world taking photos," said one resident.

"It totally gets annoying, I have two little daughters and we can't walk down the street because there's 500 weddings every morning," said another resident.

One proposed solution would make Washington Street a pedestrian-only zone to improve safety.