For the first time, a clergyman who hailed from Brooklyn, may become a Roman Catholic Saint.

The Brooklyn Diocese announced that Monsignor Bernard John Quinn, a beloved priest who died in 1940, is one step closer to becoming a saint. 

Monsignor Quinn championed racial equality and founded a church that welcomed diversity. Most recently, the Bishop of Brooklyn approved the cause for canonization, declaring that he believes Monsignor Quinn was a saint. It’s a big step in the process that a local priest has been spearheading for almost three decades. 

“African Americans really suffered great violations of their rights, but there was a priest that was in their corner and he was plugging for them as one man, and today his work is being recognized," said Reverend Monsignor Paul Jervis, of St. Francis of Assisi-St. Blaise Church. 

The Diocese will have to present evidence of at least two miracles attributed to him after his death. The pope will then make the final decision.