The devastating effects of the street drug K2 were seen in a viral video showing a closeup of the zombie-like symptoms experienced when smoking it.

Police say the 51-year-old man seen on the tracks at the Myrtle Avenue station was high on the mind-altering drug Tuesday afternoon. He was rescued just inches from the deadly third rail and taken to the hospital alive.

For some, the video is an eye opener.

"I haven't seen anything like this," said one person in the neighborhood.

"To see someone of the tracks, that is the first time I've seen the extent of where it could go, so I'm actually scared right now," said another.

Police say it's the first time they've seen a person high on K2 collapse at a train station, but this corner of Broadway and Myrtle Avenue is a hotspot for K2, they say. In mid-May, 84 people were rushed to the hospital in a span of three days all of them overdosing on a bad batch of K2.

Since that cluster, Deputy Chief Michael Kemper says there have been 355 K2 overdoses in 28 days. 

"It's a challenge," Kemper said. "K2 is a cheap product, it's in demand and people are selling it in small quantities. It's easy to hide from us."

But he says with the help of community members investigators are making headway each week. The average number of daily K2 overdoses is down by half since last month.

Kemper also says police have arrested 90 people for selling K2 in the same amount of time. Police also seized more than 1,000 packets of K2 on the 31st.

Some neighbors say they want to see more done to rid the scourge of the dangerous drug.

"I hope they find the solution but don't think they're really working on it," said one person in the neighborhood.

Kemper says there's still much work to be done, but significant resources have been focused on nailing down the source of the illegal substance.

"As we are standing here, we are having active investigations, and with certainty, I can say there will be more K2 arrests," he said.

Police say of the 355 K2 overdoses in the past month, Kemper says two people had seven overdoses each and 69 people overdosed more than once.