During Black History Month and even longer, a local store is celebrating black female-run businesses.

The beauty supply store BGLH Marketplace kicked off it's Black Woman Makers Vending Event in Bed-Stuy. 

Black female entrepreneurs without storefronts can spotlight their businesses at the store on weekends to give them more exposure. 

Yesterday, the store featured Ankara Crowns, which sells headwraps made with African fabric as well as Colored Girls Hustle, a feminist clothing and accessories brand. 

"When I got this space, it's an idea I kind of had kicking around," said BLGH owner Leila Noelliste. "Like it would be really nice if I could invite other women to use this space to access an audience and expose their products to the community."

More than one hundred vendors have signed up to participate for the pop-up residencies until May.