Local organizations are turning to the public for help in moving toward what they call a "clean" DREAM Act.

The Workers' Center of Central New York and the New York Immigration Coalition hosted a phone bank Sunday.

They asked voters to contact their state representatives to fight back against President Donald Trump's proposed immigration plan. 

Trump's plan would allow citizenship for 1.8 million young immigrants. 

However, it also calls for increasing border security and new restrictions on legal immigration. 

Volunteers say they've already noticed more security in our region after a local undocumented immigrant, Hector Navarro, was detained just before Christmas last year. 

"The attacks on immigrants are really unconscionable. They are cruel and they're inhumane. Senator Schumer and other folks, but particularly Senator Schumer, has the power to make sure that we finally get the clean DREAM Act that immigrant members of our community deserve," said Nikeeta Slade, Workers' Center of Central NY organizer.

The deadline for budget negotiations is this Thursday.