Some Brooklyn tenants rallied to have their gas service restored in Williamsburg Monday night.

Residents of 454 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg were joined by tenants of four other buildings who say they have the same problem.

The gas has been off at 454 Bedford since February when a tenant smelled gas and called the Fire Department.

The Department of Buildings ordered it be turned off until the landlord made repairs.

They say the city is not doing enough to help them and are concerned this may be a way to push out lower-income tenants.

"I think it's an accommodation to the growing desire to support the real estate industry that is desperate to get out rent control or rent stabilized tenants because they can make so much more money," said one tenant.

"There's just no incentive for them to make any repairs," said another. "So that's why we're calling on the city to make a change, take a stronger stance, enforce the violations, step in and do the repairs themselves."

NY1 has not been able to reach the landlord at 454 Bedford.

But a spokesperson for the management company for one of the other buildings responded with a statement that read in part:

"When we purchased 36 Linden Place late last year, the building was in some disrepair. We have worked hard to ensure that repairs were promptly made and have made several upgrades at no cost or expense to the tenants."