A former dumping ground has been transformed into a facility that improves water quality in Brooklyn.  

The city Department of Environmental Protection says it has restored 50 acres of wetland in Paerdegat Basin near Jamaica Bay. 

The $455 million project is meant to manage storm water and keep it from entering the sewer system. 

It took 10 years to complete and features a sewer overflow facility and five acre park. 

Officials say the upgrade not only improves the look of the area, but also serves as a habitat for wildlife and recreation center for residents.  

"It also provides a nice aesthetic view. There's a diverse community of plants here. This ecology park contains about 17 different plant communities that one would find in New York City," said city DEP Commissioner Emily Lloyd.

"It's main purpose is to manage storm water and also to be a habitat for birds 'cause we are close to Jamaica Bay. But, this five acre part of it has been designed so that it can be used for tours and for educational purposes," said DEP Director of Ecological Services John McLaughlin.

The city Parks Department will take over the park once it's officially open to the public.