It is the first weekend of the pool season in New York City, but you wouldn’t be able to tell at Astoria Park.

There is no water in the Olympic-sized swimming pool at the Queens park. A sign at the entrance of the park says that the pool is closed temporarily due to construction.

Residents say they’ll miss the pool this season.

"It's definitely kind of a respite in the summer with the kids. We use it all the time," Astoria resident Masha Volkova said.

According to Richard Khuzami, the president of the Old Astoria Neighborhood Association, this is the third major renovation in the past 15 years.

"We appreciate what's being done. It's a new job and new piping, plumbing. Plus, you see the deck. It's been already done," Khuzami said.

The current pool renovations are expected to cost the city nearly $19 million.

The renovations mean there is one less option for families in Astoria to cool off this summer, but some of those families are looking forward to the repairs.

"I do hope they repair the surface, because it did need the repairs because the kids have hurt their feet. There's like peeling paint," Volkova said. "I do hope they don't remove any of the [vintage] details and the snack shack stays, but we'll see."

In Astoria, residents say the pool is very important to the community.

"I know that this is a source of entertainment and enjoyment for people," resident Anna Gulfin said.

The city hopes to reopen the pool by next summer. For now, community advocates are just hopeful the work remains on track.

"Our only major concern is the fact that we want to make sure that it is only one season — that it doesn't extend beyond that. Historically, there were issues with that," Khuzami said.

The 48 pools that are open in the city are being impacted by lifeguard shortages.