Love was in the air at one fashion party this weekend. Denim designer Erin Feniger wants The Rialto Jean Project to help you look good, feel good and do good. NY1's Jessica Abo filed this report.

"Every pair of jeans is a unique pair of jeans and the proceeds of every sale goes to support art therapy programs at children's hospitals," Feniger said.

Feniger said when she created her collection, she pictured artists in their studios wiping their paint brushes on their pants. 

Her inspiration to partner with hospitals is more personal, however. 

Two years ago, Feniger was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease just as she was about to launch her company.

"Every time I didn't feel well, mentally or physically, I wanted to paint and I started thinking about kids in hospitals and their ability to communicate how they were feeling as they were going through all these illnesses," she said.

Feniger is all about spreading the love. That's why guests at her show had the opportunity to fill out denim patches with their own heartfelt messages.

"Messages of inspiration for these kids to stay strong and keep positive that are going to sewed onto a canvas that we've been painting on since the beginning and we're going to be gifting it to the hospitals," Feniger said.

"My heart said 'Don't give up,'" one guest said.

"I think it's just another example of how you can give back and do positive things with a great idea," said What Goes Around Comes Around CEO Seth Weisser.

While the idea to do art helped her daugther heal, her mom, Sally Feniger, says paying it foward is just in the Feniger genes.

"Giving back is part of what she came from and what we're all about. It's good," said Sally Feniger.

Abo: "Did you fill out a heart tonight?"

Sally Feniger:  "No, not yet."

Abo: "What is your heart going to say?"

Sally Feniger: "Everybody should have the heart my daughter has."