Chef Mike Salman, also known as “Hawaii” Mike, has long operated in the shadows.

That is because his specialty is serving cannabis-infused meals — something he has elevated to a culinary art form.

“This isn’t the old-school pot brownies that your friends made in the college dormitory,” Salman said. “This is a full, multi-course meal.”

What You Need To Know

  • Since 2015, “Hawaii” Mike Salman has hosted a monthly supper club where nearly every dish is infused with cannabis

  • The invitation-only events remain illegal under state law, but Salman has developed his own product line for the legal market

  • His gummies are now being sold at several dispensaries and Salman hopes to have jellies and THC-infused oils on the market soon

  • State regulations will eventually allow for “consumption lounges” but make no provision for serving cannabis-infused food

Since 2015, Salman has hosted monthly dinners in private locations; reservations are by invitation only. And no two dinners are the same.

On this night, Salman’s menu included hand-rolled Filipino spring rolls called lumpia and a Haitian-style chicken stew.

Salman has developed his own line of oils and honeys that contain a THC distillate and are incorporated into virtually every course, up to and including dessert.

With the dawn of the legal cannabis market, Salman is pivoting. His gummies are now being sold at several of New York’s legal dispensaries, and he hopes to have his jellies and oils on the market soon.

As for the private dinners, they are not exactly legal — even if they have less of an underground feel than they once did.

The state regulations that govern legal dispensaries will also eventually allow for consumption lounges, but there is currently no plan to allow the serving of cannabis-infused food.

Salman is hopeful that will change.

“I would love for us and everybody who wants to be able to — at least safely — be able to serve infused foods, whether that be in a private setting, or a restaurant, club, café, whatever it may be,” he said. “The thing is, we’ve just got to show that this can be done safely.”