The parents of Antonio Williams say Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYPD are trying to hide the facts and are not being truthful about the police shooting death of their son two years ago.

"He was just minding his business waiting for a cab, and they stopped him and they chased him down,” said Gladys Williams, Antonio Williams’s stepmother. “Beat him and then shot him in a hail of 15 bullets."

The shooting happened on September 29, 2019 in the Edenwald Houses in the north Bronx.  

Officer Brian Mulkeen was also killed by police bullets as fellow officers fired shots as he fought with Williams on the ground.

The Williams family met with the Civilian Complaint Review Board this week to express their concerns. The police watchdog group said it is now going to investigate the shooting.

The officers involved were from the now disbanded anti-crime unit. The family wants Sergeant Jason Valentino, Detective Daniel Beddows, and Officers Brian Mahon, Keith Figuerora and Robert Wichers fired.

Police said Williams had a gun, but it was not fired during the incident.

Earlier this year, Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark declined to prosecute the officers, saying they were trying to get weapons off the streets.  

Williams's father believes his 27-year-old son was unconstitutionally stopped and racially profiled by police.

"Decided to be judge, jury, and executioner. And then they carried it out,” said Shawn Williams.

The shooting called into question the training of officers and the anti-crime unit.

Mulkeen was one of two officers killed by other officers in friendly fire incidents in 2019.  

The Williams family has joined the many other families of people killed by NYPD officers claiming the department is hiding details about the shootings.

“That's definitely one club that we never wanted to join,” said Gladys Williams.

Police have said it was Williams who caused the tragedy that led to him and officer Mulkeen being killed. The family hopes the CCRB investigation will look at the facts and come up with a different conclusion.