New York lawmakers want to make it easier for people who are diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries to receive access to care and services. 

A bill approved this week in the state Senate is meant to aid New Yorkers who are diagnosed with the injury and need access long-term care. 

The measure, backed by state Sen. Michelle Hinchey, was introduced based on the experience of Shokan resident Hannah Berryan, who has had to manage symptoms related to Traumatic Brain Injury. 

“No family should ever have to struggle to find local, affordable care, including traumatic brain injury care, for their loved one, and yet right here in our own backyard, we have community members, like Hannah Berryan, who have had to move out of New York to receive the quality TBI services they deserve," Hinchey said. "Our healthcare system is failing New Yorkers with this complex disability, and my bill is the first major action to change that by identifying the improvements and resources we must implement as a state to ensure that individuals with a TBI can live the best quality of life possible.”

Under the legislation, the state Department of Health and the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities would conduct a study to assess the affordability, delivery and access issues for people with traumatic brain injuries. The study would review regional access needs and the effectiveness of administrative process for acccessing care and services in the state. 

The bill, approved unanimously in the state Senate, is yet to receive a vote this year in the state Assembly.