Officials said millions of dollars worth of illegal THC products were discovered in Fort Greene, Brooklyn on Saturday, after the NYPD apprehended three people during the burglary of a corner warehouse on Adelphi Street.

“See, this [label] says it was manufactured in California. We don’t know that to be true at all,” Maureen Kokeas, a commanding officer with the NYC Sheriff’s Office, Bureau of Criminal Investigation, said as she showed NY1 some of the products discovered. “It’s possible, but no way to tell because it’s all illegal.”

What You Need To Know

  • Authorities say arrests made during a burglary led to the discovery of millions of dollars in illegal cannabis products

  • Officials believe the products found on Adelphi Street in Fort Greene, Brooklyn were packaged and distributed to illegal smoke shops

  • Products such as pre-rolls, flowers, THC vapes, edibles and THC-concentrate were discovered

“This is a good spot to be able to take down,” Kokeas said. “Because there’s millions of dollars worth of products on the shelves in there.”

Kokeas said the NYC Sheriff’s Office had no previous knowledge that this particular location, which is at the end on a quiet residential street, was housing a major distributor for illegal smoke shops.

A spokesperson for City Hall said the city is currently investigating and seeking the owner of this operation. The city claims this was one of their largest operations to date on a cannabis distributor, with illegal products including pre-rolls, flowers, THC vapes, edibles and THC-concentrate all discovered.

City Hall also said more than 200 illegal smoke shops have been sealed so far, and Saturday’s discovery tackled a major source for those shops.

The NYC Sheriff’s Office says anyone can leave an anonymous tip to alert them to the site of an illegal cannabis distributor by calling 718-707-2100.