A special privilege for some blind and visually-impaired students in the Bronx.

Ten- year -old students at the New York Institute for Special Education in Pelham Parkway were among the first to access the new Helen Keller Archive this week.The archive is the first fully accessible digital archive collection dedicated to the life of Helen Keller. She was a deaf and blind American author and political activist . The archive includes more than 160,000 artifacts, including pictures and correspondence with nine US presidents including JFK and Franklin Roosevelt.

"My biggest hope is that the children will be inspired to see that they can do whatever they put their minds to that they can change the world and make it a better place, " said archivist Helen Selsdon.

Advocates for the blind and visually impaired say they hope this project illustrates the importance of making digital collections accessible to everyone.

Anyone, anywhere in the world can access the archives at the American Foundation for the Blind's website, www.afb.org