Residents of the South Bronx, concerned about rising gentrification in their neighborhoods, held a demonstration Friday.

Several dozen protesters gathered outside the Hunts Point 6 train station after hearing of plans to rezone the Southern Boulevard area.

The demonstrators marched to the office of Councilman Rafael Salamanca to have their concerns heard.

They claim this rezoning is gentrification that won't improve the neighborhood.

"Salamanca, Ruben Diaz Jr., you need to come to the people. You need to explain to them why you think re-populating on top of us is a good idea," said one demonstrator.

"They're probably lining their pockets. Definitely," said another person in the neighborhood. "If this is an issue, that they're having an issue with this gentleman, definitely. Ruben Diaz, I had no idea they had an issue with him."

NY1 reached out to both Diaz and Salamanca's offices, but they were unavailable for comment.

Several community meetings were held over the summer about this project.