Bronx residents and people who travel a dangerous stretch of road in the city's largest park are demanding answers from the city in creative ways. NY1's Erin Clarke filed the following report.

Residents of the northeast Bronx are fed up with a mile-long stretch of Shore Road in Pelham Bay Park.

Drivers swerve into the lane of oncoming traffic to avoid deep potholes filled with water or frozen over in the winter, causing an icy hazard.

Filmmakers James and Tommy Breen made a video and sent it to the city Department of Transportation.

"I thought if we could get some aerial video, it would go a long way to showing just how dangerous Shore Road is," James Breen said.

Where the Breen brothers shot their video, you can see that the water ponds onto the running and bike path as well.

As the the video demonstrates, it's not just drivers who are affected by the pothole-filled road. Missing guardrails, branches hanging across power lines and dark streetlights are also problems.

"This is the largest park in the city, but it's treated like some stepchild," said John Doyle of the City Island Civic Association.

The DOT says crews patched potholes in February but admits it's only a temporary fix because natural water underground appears to be seeping into the roadbed, causing it to deteriorate.

A spokesman for the Department of Environmental Protection says the agency will collaborate with DOT on developing a long-term solution.

The local councilman thinks the answer is a total road reconstruction that would involve several city agencies.

"We need all hands on deck," said City Councilman James Vacca of the Bronx. "All of them have a responsibility to come to the table, find out what the extent of the problem is and recommend a course of action."

The DOT and DEP tell NY1 a long-term solution will take time. But in the meantime, the Parks Department says it will replace the guardrails this year as money becomes available.