It may look like an ordinary bathroom in a hotel room, but it is actually backstage at an off-Broadway show.

At one luxury property on Fifth Avenue, the idea that hotels can be full of characters takes on even more significance.

"What more iconic thing is there to do in New York City than to come and see a play, and how cool would it be to be able to see a play in a hotel you are staying at or just to go to a hotel to see a play," says Richard Bussiere, managing director at Langham Place New York.

A play about a hotel room, in a hotel room, takes up residence on the fifth floor of The Langham Place from February 19 through March 20.

The production called “Insignificance,” staged by UK based theater company Defibrillator, is occupying a total of nine rooms, courtesy of the hotel, with business as usual for ordinary guests.

"The nice thing about the layout of the floor though, this is kind of in the corner of the building, so it really won’t disturb other people other than hearing people walking in the corridor,” Bussiere says.

Room 505, the 850 square foot space where the play is set, has been reconfigured so it can fit an audience of just 52 people.

“There’s no bad seat in the house,” “Insignificance” director James Hillier says. “It’s whites of your eyes acting. You can practically touch them.”

For the company, the hospitality of a hotel has its perks.

"The cleaners come in and clean up after us and the room is a lot tidier than a normal rehearsal room would be,” Hillier says.

"Mr. Baker and I ran into each other on the street and as we were walking, into the lobby and I said, 'Here’s our stage door. It's the fanciest stage door I’ve had,’” actor Michael Pemberton says.

The Langham is offering hotel & play packages and 15-20% dining discounts for all ticket holders.

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