Governor Andrew Cuomo's allies at the Transport Workers Union Local 100 are at it again, going after Mayor Bill de Blasio in another ad that calls on him to chip in more money to the MTA.

The ad in Monday's Daily News features a caricature of the mayor as a long-nosed Pinocchio, saying his staff lied about whether a train was held for him following a press conference last week at the City Hall R train stop.

The ad, along with one that has been airing on television, presses de Blasio to agree to Cuomo and the MTA's push to have City Hall fund half of the $800 million "subway rescue plan."

In a statement, a City Hall spokesman said, "This ad ignores an important fact that City riders aren’t going to look past – the State has siphoned from the MTA the exact dollar amount the MTA is seeking in additional operating costs. It’s imperative the State return those funds to riders."

It's not the first time the union that represents subway and bus workers has attacked de Blasio. Earlier carcicatures have gone after the mayor over a previous MTA funding fight, as well as arrests of city bus drivers under Vision Zero laws.