Posters celebrating Pride Month are popping up at MTA stations all across the city.

They are made to look like official MTA notices, but they're not.

The posters say no bigotry, hatred, or prejudice will be tolerated in stations.

They were put up by a group called "Pride Train," who call it an art project.

The founders say the subways were a good spot for the posters because there has been so much violence in the system.

They say they were spurred to do something since President Donald Trump has not acknowledged Pride Month.

"It made us really upset that the president did not accept it, so we came up with this idea and thought it was appropriate at the time, and it will make people feel like someone cares for them," said Pride Train co-founder Ezequiel Consoli.

"Ninety percent very, very positive," . "Obviously, there's always going to be a little bit of trolling. We kind of expected that. But mostly, I think we achieved our goal to make people smile and happy"

The group has also put up pride flags underneath the American flag on some trains.

The MTA had no comment.