Full subway service has resumed, but Tuesday's snowstorm is still complicating travel for many city straphangers. As NY1's Lindsay Tuchman reports, many stairways and exposed platforms still have not been cleared of snow and ice.

7 train passengers getting on and off at Junction Blvd. in Corona had to be extra careful Wednesday.

"It's really bad, because somebody's going to slip into the tracks and it's going to be bad before they clean the ice," one straphanger at the station said.

Ice and snow from Tuesday's storm still covered many outdoor platforms, one day later — in some cases, all the way up to the edge.

Many morning commuters were frustrated and angry.

"I saw a guy…he fell in the stairs because it was kind of icy," one man recalled. "This is ridiculous. They should clean this, because there are a lot of people walking over here, and it's dangerous….It could be fatal."

"I have a problem, because I had to go to the doctor," one woman said. "And the platform is no good. It has a lot of ice."

And the problem is not just at the Junction Blvd. station. Passengers reported icy conditions at other stations in Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

"Could have been done yesterday or today morning, but they didn't do anything," a straphanger said.

Some shared their complaints on social media. "Sheets of ice on platform on Neptune Avenue F train stop," one straphanger in Brooklyn tweeted. "Can it get any more dangerous?”

The MTA says its crews have been working nonstop since the beginning of the storm to remove snow and ice from stairs and platforms.

The transit agency is urging riders to use caution, and is thanking them for their patience.

It's a sentiment some passengers accept. "If someone doesn't obey — you know, they're not supposed to cross the yellow line, so there shouldn't be a problem," one commuter said. "Otherwise, I don't see a problem."

As the temperatures remain below freezing, however, the problem won't fix itself, and walking slowly is the only solution until the MTA finishes the job.