A man is dead after getting hit by an F train while riding on the outside of a subway car and falling onto the tracks beneath him near the West 4th station in Greenwich Village.

Police say it happened around 3 p.m. Saturday.

NY1 spoke to a few passengers who were on the train when it happened.

"We stopped first, like a strong stop and then we continued," said one. "And then we just stopped for good. No power, no nothing and we were in there for two hours."

"They told us to like remain calm and that's like what we did," said another. "And then, then like a lot of people said that they saw things like when the doors were opening on the sides, they saw like, like white things all over the floor, like somebody was there."

Service was disrupted for a few hours while the investigation continued.

The man's age and identity have not been released.