The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) gives the second phase of the highly-anticipated 2nd Avenue Subway line the greenlight.

The FTA has agreed to make room in its budget for the 2nd Avenue Subway's next wave of construction from 96th to 125th Streets.

As part of its New Starts program, the project will receive funding from Washington within two years.

The money is expected to support one-third of the total cost of building the transit line, which is estimated at $6 billion.

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney has pushed for the federal government to help fund the second phase, and she said she is "thrilled" that the project has received federal support.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo hosted the first viewing of the 96th Street station Thursday, just a little more than a week before the Q train's debut on the Second Avenue line.

The project cost $4.5 billion.

Officials estimate over 100,000 passengers will ride Phase 2 after its completion.