Residents got the chance to weigh in on the mayor's proposed streetcar between Brooklyn and Queens.

The city held another public meeting on the Brooklyn Queens Connector Thursday night.

The streetcar would run along waterfront communities from Sunset Park to Astoria.

Community advocates and the city's Economic Development Corporation see it as a game-changer.  

"In order to get good jobs, most people have to leave the neighborhood, and when there has not been reliable public transportation, that's just adding another systemic barrier," said Jill Eisenhard of the Red Hook Initiative.

"We think that there is a tremendous opportunity to connect people to communities that they wouldn't ordinarily have access to, and job centers and emerging job hubs that they wouldn't normally have access to," said Lydon Sleeper of the NYC Economic Development Corporation.

The streetcar would cost about $2.5 billion. It would cover a 16-mile corridor through Brooklyn and Queens. The fare would be the same as the subway.

City officials hope to break ground in 2019 and have the system up and running by 2024.