The restaurant industry is pushing back against a proposed state law that would raise the minimum wage for waiters and bartenders. 

Critics argue it’s just too expensive, and say it would lead to higher prices for customers and possible restaurant layoffs.

The current minimum wage in the city is $16 per hour, but the subminimum wage for restaurant workers who earn tips is less than $11 an hour. 

The proposed bill would require restaurant workers in the city to be paid a minimum of $16 an hour. 

The bill’s sponsors say the legislation would make the industry more equitable.

Critics say the change — which would be phased in — would mean higher prices for customers and potentially lead to lower take-home pay for restaurant servers.

NY1 asked followers on social media: How should restaurant workers be paid?

Here are the results of the unofficial poll.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, a little less than two-thirds, 62%, support a higher base pay for servers. On Instagram, under 75% support a higher base pay for servers. 

Andrew Rigie, from the New York City Hospitality Alliance, and Saru Jayaraman, president of One Fair Wage, joined “The Rush Hour” on Thursday to weigh in on how “New York is Talking” about restaurant tipping. 

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