More than a dozen New Yorkers have been exonerated after they were wrongfully sent to prison in cases worked by retired NYPD Detective Louis Scarcella.

In the latest lawsuit against the city over Scarcella’s misconduct, NY1 has learned the city’s Law Department decided it will not provide legal representation for Scarcella or his former partner Stephen Chmil.

What You Need To Know

  • A notorious former NYPD detective is once again being sued for accused of police misconduct

  • The city’s Law Department has decided it will not provide legal representation for retired detective Louis Scarcella in an upcoming case

  • Scarcella and his former partner have stood by the integrity of their investigations

“Most officers who are sued in the city, do get representation from the city law department,” explained Jennvine Wong, attorney for the Legal Aid Society..

Thomas Malik filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Scarcella, Chmil and New York City.

In 2022, Malik was cleared of the 1995 murder of a token booth clerk.

Prosecutors found detectives pressured Malik and his co-defendants into false confessions.

Malik is represented by attorney Ron Kuby.

“Right now, he has PTSD flashbacks. When he puts on a seatbelt, he flashes back to being chained,” he explained.

Once a decorated detective known for solving tough cases, Scarcella’s credibility has been called into question.

The Brooklyn district attorney’s office has an ongoing investigation into Scarcella’s past detective work.

Scarcella and Chmil have stood by the integrity of their investigations.

Scarcella’s personal attorney, Joel Cohen, declined to give NY1 a comment on the Law Department’s decision in Malik’s case.

When reached by NY1, a representative for the city’s Law Department said they do not discuss representation decisions.