Kamal Semrade had his head down and didn’t speak after being arrested by police Tuesday.

He is accused of pushing Enime Ozsoy into an E train leaving Lexington Avenue and East 63 Street on Sunday morning, leaving her paralyzed from the neck down. Police shared surveillance images.

Semrad faces charges including attempted murder and assault.

What You Need To Know

  • Semrade is remanded in custody after being accused of shoving a woman into the subway tracks

  • Officials say Emine Ozsoy, 35, is paralyzed from the neck down

  • Her family started a GoFundMe for her medical bills. She is an artist who lives in Queens

  • Semrade has a scheduled court appearance Friday

The assistant district attorney prosecuting this case argued to a judge on Wednesday that Semrade should be held without bail, saying he was walking behind her at the subway station and as the train was rapidly leaving the station, “he grabbed her head with both his hands and shoved her with all his force into the moving subway car. She hit the train in her face and head, rolled along it then crashed back to the platform where she was instantly paralyzed.”

Her family started a GoFundMe page for her medical bills.

Ozsoy family reportedly said in a statement she came to the United States from Turkey to pursue her artwork and for a better life. 

She is 35-years-old and being treated at New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell.

Police say after the incident Semrade ran out of the station, but investigators say there were eyewitnesses and some video surveillance.

The Legal Aid Society is representing him and said in a statement: “Kamal Semrade, who has no prior contact with the criminal legal system, is presumed innocent. Defense counsel is still awaiting initial discovery from the district attorney’s office.”

Senrade remains remanded in custody. He has a scheduled court appearance Friday.