Rosarya Pablo-Cruz

NY1's Josh Robin follows the story of a woman after her release from an immigration detention center in Arizona as she attempts to return to her children in New York City.

PART I — No ID. No Shoelaces
Rosayra Pablo-Cruz, a 35-year-old Guatemalan mother, is just released from an immigration detention facility in Arizona. Her story is similar to other immigrant parents of about 3,000 children, about 300 of whom have been taken New York. Her children are in foster care in New York City. She hasn't seen her children for nearly three months. But how will she get there?

PART II — Back to Eloy
Pablo-Cruz drives back to the detention facility to try and obtain her passport — if immigration officials will let her have it. She flies on an overnight flight to New York and is reunited with her family.

PART III — The Mothers
We learn about the network of people who help mothers like Pablo-Cruz, especially a group started by a Queens woman. In addition to posting bonds, these activists arrange transportation, clothing, and housing while juggling their own lives. They corral contacts across the country to house the mothers. More than one person calls it a modern-day Underground Railroad.

PART IV — Families Together, Families Apart
What are Pablo-Cruz and her children doing now? And what are the plans for the thousands of other children, many in New York, who have not been reunified with their parents yet?