The search is now on after an apology Sunday morning from the fire commissioner.

The FDNY is looking to identify the firefighters who heckled state Attorney General Letitia James last week during an FDNY promotional ceremony, which was held inside Brooklyn’s Christian Cultural Center.

James was on stage weeks after securing a $450 million civil settlement against Former President Donald Trump.

Trump supporters inside the church chanted his name as James spoke.

The FDNY’s Bureau of Investigation and Trials is now heading up the search for those who booed and heckled James.

Commissioner Laura Kavanagh returned to the church Sunday explaining, “We have decades of training and discipline that none of us want to see tarnished by the unprofessional behavior of a few.”

An FDNY spokesperson told NY1, “Nobody is hunting anyone down. We’re looking into those who clearly broke department regulations. It has nothing to do with politics. It’s about professionalism at an official event held in a house of worship.”

Republican Councilmember Joe Borelli, who represents Staten Island, believes otherwise.

“It is a retaliation by the department that is unwarranted and if there are rules to be violated,” he said. “I would say retaliating against fire department personnel and their families at an extracurricular function is the problem.”

Kavanagh sees the problem differently.

“Not only is the fire department the greatest fire department in the world, we’re also the most professional fire department in the world and we let down that reputation on Thursday,” she said.